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Monthly Tyres Retreaded




Precured Tread

Precured tread is a specialized component used in the retreading process. Retreading is a sustainable practice that involves replacing the worn-out tread of a tire with a new layer of tread, extending the life of the tire and reducing overall waste. Precured tread plays a crucial role in this process.

Precured tread is made by applying a layer of pre-vulcanized rubber onto a fabric or steel belt. This layer has a predetermined tread pattern and is cured (vulcanized) before being applied to the tire casing. The precuring process ensures that the tread is already vulcanized and ready for use, making it more efficient and cost-effective in the retreading process.

Tolins Tread is a notable player in the field of tire retreading materials, including precured treads. Tolins Tread is recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation in the tire retreading industry. They offer a range of precured tread patterns designed to meet the diverse needs of different vehicles and applications.

Tolins Radial King

Tolins RIB

TR 12

Retreading accessories are essential components used in the process of refurbishing worn-out tires. These accessories play a crucial role in ensuring a secure and durable bond between the new tread and the existing tire casing. These include Bonding gums, vulcanizing solution, cushion gum, repair materials, and envelopes that aid in reinforcing and patching tire casings. 

Retreading Products

Camel Back - Conventional Rubber

Vulcanizing Solution

Curing Bag

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