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Retreading Products

Bonding Gum

Experience superior tire performance with our specialized bonding gum, meticulously crafted to ensure strong adhesion between the tyre case and the tread rubber, enhancing overall structural integrity.

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Camel Back - Conventional Rubber

Our Camel Back's unique composition is tailored to meet the demanding requirements of retreading, contributing to the overall durability and performance of the retreaded tire.

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Curing Bag

Ensure precision in the curing process with our cutting-edge curing bags. Crafted for durability and reliability, these bags play a crucial role in achieving consistent and high-quality tire curing results.

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Our tyre flaps, available in various sizes such as 9.00/10.00-20, are designed for enhanced performance and durability. Crafted from high-quality rubber, these flaps excel in enduring extreme rugged conditions, ensuring longevity even in challenging environments. Customization options are available, tailoring the flaps to fit various automobile specifications.

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Rope Rubber

Extrusion Rope Gum, meticulously crafted for use in mini hand extruders, and uniquely formulated. This specially compounded gum is designed to provide optimal performance in repairing tires using a hand extruder gun.

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Drive confidently with our reliable tubes, engineered for optimal air retention and durability. Tolins Tyres' tubes are designed to withstand challenging road conditions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey.

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Vulcanizing Solution

Our Vulcanizing Solution is built to safeguard the buffed surface from oxidation, effectively preventing potential retread failures. By forming a protective layer, this solution ensures the longevity and reliability of the retreading process.

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